Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crabbing for the fun of it...

This is a sight most Bellportians are excited to see;
a stretch of open area at the dock offering one a choice of crabbing spots

After a great start last night (2 keepers in the first 5 minutes,) enthusiasm waned as the "too small" crabs began showing up, 2 at a time on each line, stealing chicken legs and leading to our disappointment.  No wonder there was space at the dock.

Then we met 2 great kids, Emilio and Antonio, summer visitors, crabbing with their family for the first time and anxious to master the skill. For me, this is the best part of crabbing. They were so excited to learn something new. They watched, listened and learned from the experienced old crabbers (not me...I am still learning;) politely asked questions and enthusiastically participated. Emilio worked on mastering the string, Antonio the net. The best part? They were never discouraged when the only thing emerging from the murky water was a partially consumed chicken leg. They joyously celebrated every success, even if the catch had to be tossed back. They truly just enjoyed the journey, not really motivated by a goal. They were living for the moment. Another life reminder from the younger ones among us.

We left our lines in their now rather capable hands, donated our meager catch to their bucket and went home quite satisfied.

This is the first of the two feisty guys lured by our fresh chicken legs.
Read the anger in his really can...those are eyes, right

Sure, we lost our initial investment, but we, along with Emilio and Antonio, decided we were feeding the babies so they would be ready for future crabbers to snare and enjoy.  From my perspective, my kitchen was spared the odoriferous creatures and I was reminded why I enjoy crabbing...just for the fun of it.   

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