Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day 2013

What a beautiful day!  Today has to be the most excited I have been about documenting the First of the Month at the Village Marina.  Finally, we have color!  Spring leaves me speechless...the colors of Spring are...I have no words! 

As I drove into Bellport this afternoon (in between jobs) I was moved by the colors and knew I had to stop at the Village Marina before I did anything else.  The sky was blue, the flora and fauna presented with colors which I cannot name.  Then, upon arrival at the marina, a bank of fog was building just south of Fire Island.  It reminded me of home...southern California where just about this time of the year, in the afternoon, the fog gathers force just off shore then softly rolls in to blanket the shoreline and quiet the day. 

For that moment I was at peace. 

The photos do not quite reflect the fog experience, but you can use your imagination. are the May 1st photos of the Bellport Village Marina. 

Guard kiosk (currently un-manned) looking north

Yacht Club looking north
Yacht Club looking south

Guard kiosk looking south
My friends, there is hope.  April showers brought more than May flowers!

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