Monday, July 16, 2012

42:45 - The Official Time!

It is done.

I have completed a 5K race within the time parameters, did not finish last and I lived to tell about it.

There are some things that remain a mystery to me. Like how people can take pleasure in doing this? How some of these women look as great -- or even better -- after the race as they did standing at the starting line? What compels one to attempt this more than once? Why someone decided to hold a 5K on a July evening on Long Island?

Truly I understand the satisfaction of athletic accomplishment. My muscles have great memories of such. They (and my lungs) remember the 100 laps we always had to swim before sailing class at University High School. They remember bicycling up hills in Santa Barbara with my friend Carrol as we rode from LA to SB one year. They remember clog dancing for hours on end with my friends in LA and Las Vegas. They even recall the 10 miles I once ran on the paths of Laguna Hills, California. There is great satisfaction in completing something of great athletic magnitude.

But I am embarrassed to say that that was all before life in New York. Since moving to Long Island, my activity has been limited. I have lived here nearly 18 years; those muscle memories are fading. It took this 5K to cause a call to reactivate activity and create new memories for my slightly older (ahem) muscles.

There is much that I have learned in the past 3 weeks of training and then competing.

·         I can improve on my athleticism.  Three weeks ago it took me 63 minutes to complete 5K; I cut nearly 11 minutes off that time yesterday. 

·         It is humbling to “run” a 5K in front of neighbors, family and friends.  (I love the applause and cheers!)

·         Training without music is great free thinking time; watch out Bellport!

                  ·         I love to walk; loathe jogging.

·         I SO appreciate Dr. Joe, the Chiropractor. 

·         I am ready to reactivate my activity.

A big thank you to my WW compadres for the encouragement and the inspiration to even try this 5K.  I will be waiting for you at the finish line every chance I get!

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