Friday, July 6, 2012

44 minutes...a new world record! (for me)

So the training goes...
Yep, I have now lowered my time to qualify for a "legal" finish of the Bellport Clipper Classic. Today I began incorporating jogging-like movement into my 3.29 miles today. For those of you who may have seen me on the streets of the Village this morning, thank you for not honking as you drove by chuckling.
Note: I trained with a deficit today…my old iPod bit the dust.
My training for this week will be better than usual with the extra days off due to the holiday. (Is it just me or do you also find it nice to celebrate a holiday on the actual holiday?) Based on my current training success (ahem) I have set a goal to shave 6 minutes off my time by Sunday, July 15…race day. I will follow the Galloway method of training for a marathon because, well, other than showing you there is a method to my madness, training for this 5K feels like training for a marathon. I am glad I made a chiropractic appointment with Dr. Joe for this morning!
Let us see what happens tomorrow.

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