Friday, July 6, 2012

No excuses!

I suppose that runners at least take note of weather predictions to plan their next days' run. Since I am only a walker, I suppose I get a break for not knowing that thunder storms and heavy rain were predicted for today.
So in keeping with my "no excuses" mindset, I walked the 3.29 mile course today almost between down pours in 48 minutes; a slight improvement over yesterday. Perhaps it was the huge whack of thunder while on New Jersey Avenue that propelled me down the road a bit quicker than usual. My pardon to the neighbors…my voice has a way of projecting and surely the shriek I belted out was heard a few blocks away.
My change-up for today…it has been said that when you use your arms while walking, you are working 20% harder. So today I carried the new WW 3 lb. weights around town. They are now drying out with my LiveLifeActive cap.
It was a very loud workout today. The rain, the wind, the thunder, and then…a lovely chorus as I reached the dock. The lines of the sailboats were singing as the wind blew in from the west. It was noisy but what wonderful cacophony.
Tomorrow is an evening walk-about. My warning to all pedestrians: avoid Head of the Neck Road.

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