Monday, July 9, 2012

A butterfly and the Bellport Clipper Classic…

For 3 weeks now I have been “training” to participate in the Bellport Clipper Classic.  I love exercise.  I love being active.  I love a physical challenge.  I love what exercise does for my body, mind and spirit.  This, however, has been an interesting adventure. 

Good:  I am revisiting Dr. Merckling, the Bellport Village chiropractor, for that competitive edge. 
Not so good:  the pain in my neck and shoulders is the real reason I returned, though the treatments surely improve my overall state of being. 

Good:  my Nikes are getting used as they should be.
Not so good:  I change band-aids more often than I change my underwear.  

Good:  I feel great after completing a 3.29 mile trek.
Not so good:  I have gained 5 pounds during this training process. 

Good:  I have encouraged others to participate as well.                                                                         
Not so good:  I cannot back out of the event. 
During this same period of time, I have kept a rather hectic schedule.  However, it is summer on Long Island and no matter how busy, one must make time to enjoy the weather and the late setting of the sun.  (Perhaps you do not realize this, but in the southwest, the sun does not stay up this long…ever.)  Our patio is lovely, the backyard is lovely and we have even been able to enjoy the chiminea.  (You have a chiminea, don’t you?)

About 3 weeks ago after my first week of training, I was sitting in the new Adirondack chairs by the chiminea one evening and something kept buzzing my head.  I could not imagine what this creature was until he lighted on my arm.  Shocked, I realized it was a butterfly.  He flashed the most vivid orange colors at me as I asked him who he was.  His response was to fly away.  However, he soon came again and rested on my shoulder.  I tried to get a photo of him with my cell phone, but he flew away just as I pressed to “take” the photo. 

There are many myths and legends about butterflies.  We know their transformation is rather miraculous.  Their beauty is other-worldly.  Admittedly, I spent a lot of time pondering the visit and its meaning. 

He has been back 2 other times.  Saturday he buzzed the jamming circle during my daughter’s graduation party.  Yesterday I caught his visit with my phone.  I tried very hard to get a shot with his wings open, vivid colors displayed.  That just did not happen.  He landed on the wood pile and cleverly blended in, refusing to open his wings until he was ready to fly away. 

According to legend and myth, I could choose to believe that he is someone I know who has passed, coming to bring me a message like, “Do NOT run the Bellport Clipper Classic!” Or “run and not be weary, but you are going to have to fly with wings like butterflies...the eagles have gone to cooler climes.”  Or he is hanging around waiting to take my wish to the Great Spirit.  In the event this is the case, I have been frantically trying to narrow down the one wish I want him to take.

So today is T minus 6 days until the Bellport Clipper Classic.  This morning I walked a steady but slower pace (swollen/painful feet, ankles and legs) and completed 3.29 miles in 50 minutes without stopping and talking to one single person.  I am ready for the challenge; I want to check this off my own bucket list and move on.  I am pretty sure the butterfly could be there to warn me to take it easy and move on to the next challenge.  But I also think he is hanging around to carry my wish.  I just hope he hangs around long enough for me to make a decision on the one best wish I could make.  (Note:  it will have NOTHING to do with the Bellport Clipper Classic!) 

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