Friday, July 6, 2012

Me and the United States Postal Workers...

Neither rain nor...

Weather will not hinder my quest to train. After yesterday, however, I have decided to dump the Galloway method and just See, I really hate the jogging. What I hate most about the activity is that I cannot think about anything other than how many steps before I can stop jogging or how many steps until I have to jog again. This is boring stuff and I do not do boring so well. So I returned to solo a piedi and made the 3.29 miles in 45 minutes. Still more work to do, but I am thinking Dr. Joe's Chiropractic treatments (Merkling Chiropractic) are making a difference.

So today we celebrate independence day in Bellport. It is a good day to be in Bellport, even when we have inclement weather. See, our flags still fly that the rain has subsided.

Artists on the Lane happens in Bellport today. They were beginning to set up as I headed south on Bellport Lane. Local artists share space with those traveling some distance. They gather, we buy and everyone leaves quite satisfied.

This year we have the added attraction of "Just Around The Corner" ( which will feature specials in the Main Street businesses and truly world class music in the alley between Cafe Castello and Pamela Lerner.

Just Good Friends will be performing with a special SECRET guest. Now, in my opinion, Just Good Friends is world class music, but the secret guest seals the deal. Stop by to find out who it is! Rumor has it, they may even let me sing a tune or so....taking it down a notch from "world class" perhaps.

Now I am off to do what I always do on holidays and weekends...clean bathrooms, do laundry, dust, vacuum... woo hoo! At least Tom will be helping so we can get to the Village events. Hope to see you there.

By the way, I would like to note that even the postal workers were not out on the streets today. Just me and my Nikes.Me and the United States Postal Workers...

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