Friday, July 6, 2012

43 minutes...and I do NOT like the jogging-like activity...

This is a late report of my "success." Yes, I shaved 1 minute off my time, but really, the jogging-like movement is not pleasant. I do not pick jogging as my sport.
Today I truly reconsidered my personal challenge to join this event. Can anyone tell me why I need to register for and complete a 5K? My legs were sore, my gluts were sore, my feet were sweaty and I gained 1 pound after completing 3.29 miles in 43 minutes. Where is the glory? Where is the success?
Yes...I will get up and do it again tomorrow. I cannot back down from a challenge...even one I wagered myself. Sure...I can do 3.29 miles, which means I can do 3.2 miles on Sunday, July 15th at 5:15 pm.
What I can tell you is my 4+ mile bike ride (on a beach "gear") was a lot more fun that 3.29 miles in 43 minutes.
This I will say...after July will not see me "jogging" on the 3.29 mile course, but you WILL see me on the bay in our kayak and on the streets of Bellport and beyond on my pink cruiser. But I can tell you now...I have not found that "runner's high" that everyone talks about. But...I am not giving up. This is a promise.
BTW...if you are not running/jogging/jogging-like activity the Bellport Clipper Classic, you might consider donating to the cause!

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